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The Splitter-family are wood splitters for kindling. Utilizing the leverage a splitting force up to 1,2 tonnes can be achieved - sufficient for soft as well as hard woods. Firewood billets up to 40 cm. For safety reasons, always keep both hands on the handle. For a demonstration of the Splitter, please start the video to the right. The stainless steel knife is hardened and has a special grinding which supports both cutting and wedging.  The cutting edge normally  lasts over 10 years, but if he knife needs a resharpening, please use a specialist,

The Splitter-Video shows how easy a beechwood billet is split into kindlilng. Please notice that the billet is placed as close as possible to the pivot point of the knife, and for safety both hands on the handle.

The video can be found at YouTube, use search phrase: „Red Anvil Splitter“.