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Iron black         Steel grey

Massive  oak, oiled





Form follows function - this is obvious for the tools, but also other design elements; the contrasting dirt barriers of the wood baskets, the large protective footplates of the stands, the cavities to keep the tools in place.

However, where the esthetics alone rule, our shapes are straight, uncomplicated, timeless. Just like modern stoves and fine furniture.

Red Anvil only use honest materials, what shines is inox or high grade aluminium alloy, what looks like wood is massive wood– no veneer, no stain. Varnished steel is highest grade powder coated quality steel. The tool heads are varnished twice with a two component varnish.

We use materials which satisfy and promote the shapes. We only use materials which support a long service life.

Our design seeks integration with the ambience. Hence the basic colours are „Iron black“ and „Steel grey“ and as alternative neutral stainless steel. We also align with contemporary trends; white and brown. But we do not jump on every fad, and avoid colours which we think are here today and gone tomorrow. We find contrasting details add attraction.

For the complete contrast design check out the „Splash“ family; organic shapes, contrasting colours, or even crocodile...

No visible screw heads! When did you last see one on a contemporary stove or fine couch? Our surfaces seek the integration with the ambience; fine structure rather than shiny coatings, grinded stainless steel rather than brushed or polished. Our surfaces reflect the light comfortably diffuse.

There is a practical side to our wooden surfaces, oak and walnut. After sanding the wood we anoint with an organic oil. The wood is then less susceptible to dirt and remains beautiful.

Our design philosophy: in order to justify themselves our fireplace accessories must have a superior funtionality –  form follows function. Esthetically our products seek to enhance the space between the modern fireplace and valuable furniture and ambience.