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The Red Anvil company belongs to us who who work here and produce the products. Our aim is the independence and the freedom to make a difference. This we can only achieve with satisfied customers. So we stand behind our products. The legal warranty period is only a formality, we want our customers to be satisfied over a long period of time. The ones who built your product will be the ones who care, if needed.

Although we supply the specialised trade in 27 countries Red Anvil remains a small company. The assembly is in small series, performed by a dedicated team. The one who prepared the parts will probably also assemble the product, and in may cases also face the customer. This transparency also drives the application of the best possible assembly solutions and parts.

We produce as much as possible in-house, and most of our suppliers we can visit on a short bicycle trip. „Hand made in Germany“ is a serious commitment. An example: we receive the inox plates from the local laser cutter. The edges are good but raw. So we first grind away the traces from the laser, we then remove the burr from the grinding, and finally we polish the edges for an even shine and a good feel.

For good feel and touch and a long life we only use honest, massive materials. This include thicker plates and tubes, we do not bend the edge of a plate to make it look thicker, we show the real thickness. We do not stain the wood to make it look like something which it is not. As an example, we buy complete stems of american walnut, the outer layers are cut away and discarded. We only use the dark, noble core of the tree.

We have a quality expectation to our products defined by the ambience where they will be employed. So we look to fine firplaces and  valuable furniture for inspiration regarding weight and quality of materials and workmanship. We want our products to please the owner over a long period of time.

Massive american walnut

Edges 3x refined