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An  Red Anvil  brush is not like any other brush!

We fit our brushes with „Arrenga“ palm fibres. These natural fibres are very heat resistant and well suited for the use in and around the fireplace.The brush is arranged in a 45° arch. This makes the brush effective also i narrow corners.

Horse hair and nylon are not heat resistant, and are therfore not used in Red Anvil brushes.

An  Red Anvil  scoop is not like any other scoop!

The Red Anvil scoop is square, is higher at the back and has a small cover. This form ensures that debris and ashes  which have been swept into the scoop remain inside, and are not lost over the back.

A V-shaped scoop has a wide opening, but too little capacity at the back. This form is not used in Red Anvil scoops.

A Red Anvil poker is not like any other poker!

The BlowPoker from Red Anvil is the poker with three functions:

1. Sharp teeth to grip the fire wood firmly for easy positioning

2. A plate to arrange the ashes

3. Hollow—can be used as a blowing pipe to boost the fire

Red Anvil woodbaskets and WoodPacks have integrated dirt barriers. Debris and dirt from the firewood remain inside and do not soil the floor while transporting the firewood to the fireplace.

At Red Anvil we have a fireplace burning every day of the year. We continually test ideas on how to improve the experience of the wooden fire. So every day our know how improves a little, this is the basis of our continuous development of the funtionality of our products.